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Alex @seed4me

Dear Customer! My name is Alex, I'm the co-founder of Seed4Me VPN. Probably, you use Seed4Me in Iran to unblock websites.

But what happens if the Internet is completely blocked?

Will we stay completely isolated? No. Meet our friends — Toosheh.

Now you can get the Internet without the Internet.




How? Use a regular satellite antenna to download music, apps, and videos

And it's 100% free.

1. Download Manual

2. Download Extractor App for your device:

3. Enjoy free cool stuff!

Need Support?

Official Toosheh website:

In Persian: https://toosheh.org (may require a VPN connection)

In English: https://knapsackforhope.org

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Millions of people are still disconnected due to remote geography, censorship, frequent Internet shutdowns, or high Internet cost. Do you know such people? Let them know about the toosheh.org project!

Thank you for using Seed4Me!